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 Irish Independent Newspaper

June 2013

Australia by Oz-mosis - enjoying a flying visit to spectacular Sydney: "Sipping coffee with Isobel and gallery staff, we discussed art and Australia through the milieu of their current exhibitions: from Aboriginal art from Queenslander Mavis Ngallametta to Peter Cooley's ceramics of cassowaries and sugar gliders, showcasing Australia's fauna."

-- Thomas Breathnach – 29 June 2013

 Four Seasons Magazine

September 2012

"Fully caffeinated and ready to explore some more, I met up with Isobel Johnston from Sydney Art Tours for an urban walkabout in nearby Surry Hills. This neighbourhood of tree-lined streets and warehouses is filled with art galleries, fashion houses and coffee shops...

Though I’ve only spent 24 hours in this spectacular city, I feel as if I’ve been here for ages. Meeting great people and walking through real neighbourhoods enveloped me in Australian culture. And I felt right at home."

-- Rachelle Lucas, 19.11.12, Four Seasons Magazine

 Spear's Magazine

March/April 2012

Writer Josh Spero from Spear's Magazine recounts his recent tour with Sydney Art Tours. "As a Sydneysider and arts insider, Isobel had arranged meetings with artists in their studios and conversations with gallerists, intimate introductions to the power players." Read the article in full at

-- Josh Spero, March/April 2012, Spear's Magazine

 Jetstar Magazine

April 2012

""To people who haven’t experienced the art world, it can seem very inaccessible. They go into a gallery, they feel like someone who’s badly dressed in a boutique,” says Isobel Johnston. Her art tours are designed to break down those barriers.
It seems to work — just minutes into our tour, we feel like old hands at this art thing...I’m amazed that an artist would be happy to spend so much time with a bunch of strangers, but Isobel says that’s the joy of the art world..." Read the full article here:

-- Ute Junker, Jetstar Magazine

 Sydney Art Tours featured in Oprah's Australian Adventure

January 18 2011

Sydney Art Tours was part of the Ultimate Viewers' New South Wales Itinerary of Oprah's recent Australian Tour.

For more information, check out the website.


 Forbes Magazine

September 2011

"Superconnected artist and educator Isobel Johnston leads personalized tours of major galleries, top Aboriginal showrooms, nonprofit spaces, and artists’ studios."

-- Ann Abel, 09.10.11, ForbesLife Magazine

The Straits Times

Thu, Jun 11, 2009

"Indeed, a trek around the city reveals hidden gems. At Chalk Horse, a small gallery in Cooper Street in the inner-city suburb of Surry Hills, Seamus Heidenreich holds up one of his artworks featuring two bright green dragon heads emerging from the back of a mountain.

Art spaces such as Chalk Horse, a converted lighting warehouse, are springing up in different areas of the city, says Ms Isobel Johnston, who conducts art tours.

'Like everywhere else, there are far more artists than opportunities to show. So over the years, artists have come together to create their own opportunities,' Ms Johnston says, adding that it is difficult to get a slot at art museums in Sydney. 'Such artist-run spaces are springing up all around Sydney. Many leave their creative mark and move on.'"

- By Jessica Lim, in Sydney

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Sydney Art Tours in the International Press

June 2009

 The Dominion Post

March 2009

"Sydney Art Tours made it a breeze. Our guide, Isobel Johnston, who set up the tours, is an artist and specialist in contemporary Australian art... Johnston's manner is relaxed but informative over the half-dozen galleries we see. She has an extensive knowledge of the galleries and artists and is on a first-name basis with the owners and curators... At the end of the tour, apart from seeing some great Australian art and being informed, is the lasting impression of how much sense a walking tour of art galleries makes. Why doesn't someone do the same in Wellington?"

- Tom Cardy

Stardom Magazine

November 2008

"What a difference a good tour-guide makes!... I was fortunate then to spend a morning with Sydney Art Tours founder Isobel Johnston traipsing through a variety of spaces, galleries and studios in and around Potts Point... They offer the chance to give a good scratch beneath the surface of the scene and to genuinely experience the arts in a way that is not always easily accessible to the Sydney outsider."

Vogue Entertaining & Travel

October/November 2008
On Isobel Johnston and Sydney Art Tours: "Each Saturday afternoon, she leads a three-hour walk around one of the city’s main artistic neighbourhoods. Today, it’s Newtown. Our small group meets at the Tin Sheds Base at the University of Sydney’s architecture faculty, a large, modern space that belies the gallery’s long history, which began in the 1960s as a workshop in a tin shed close by. A short walk away is the country’s largest commercial gallery, Anna Schwartz, an offshoot of the Melbourne institution of the same name. Some of us are a little challenged by its inaugural exhibition, Milk, a photographic history of performance pieces by Mike Parr. The next, Neon (30 August–25 October), will showcase the work of 10 artists including Tracey Emin, Laurie Anderson and Brook Andrew. We go on to visit the studio of nature artist, Ruth Law, and finally the opening of Michelle Collocott’s new show at Wilson Street Gallery. The tour is a fantastic overview of the art scene in this part of town, and thankfully not too overly intellectual for a Saturday."

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Luxury Traveller

April 2008

"Art lovers can indulge in their passion at Sydney Art Tours (, which has a variety of packages throughout 2008, including a New Galleries tour, with a chance to meet artists and curators. Other tours are dedicated to Aboriginal art and contemporary photography and video. The tours include gourmet refreshments and cost £56."

Check out the full article here.

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