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Upcoming Saturday Walking Tours
Please note bookings are essential as numbers are limited to small groups

Above image: Meyer Gallery Luke Hardy: Yuki Onna (Woman of the Snow)

Saturday 27 September: Chippendale From a self-taught figurative artist’s most recent works to a contemporary Chinese exhibition that celebrates five years in Chippendale reflecting on ideas of friendship and community. Encounter of a key figure in Australian art, follow the modernist dream and settled at base camp before heading off to discover more art in a community setting. A wide range of media is featured on this tour. (Low/easy walking)

Saturday 4 October Private tour
Saturday 11 October: East Sydney This tour offers a great range of galleries all within easy walking distance and offering a real insider’s view of Sydney’s art scene. Delight in the array of sophisticated painting available to view from sleek abstraction to the atmospheric, as well as experiencing the scope cutting-edge works across a number of different art forms in the new home of a number of artist run initiatives. Also celebrate a commercial gallery’s 50th year in business and another’s 25th anniversary. (Easy walking)
Saturday 18 October: Kings Cross/Darlinghurst Visit a building that was once a 1930s movie house to see art that challenges truth and recorded evidence, whilst an old TV repair shop offers art projects where the politics and society intersect. See East Timor through the experiences of four Australian artists; nature and its fragile state takes centre stage in beautiful and intricate works assembled from the natural yet also melded with the manmade, suggesting our the symbiotic relationship. View abstraction that is both cool and hot. (Moderate walking)
Saturday 25 October: Trumper Park Discover Trumper Park, Sydney’s high-end gallery destination and its surrounding galleries. This tour is focused on landscape as a subject. See works by one of Australia’s best loved landscape painters and encounter other artists working in the genre with paintings that capture a sense of the at the end of the day, and others that offer close encounters with the bush. Natural wonder is not limited to painting either, with textile works and installation also profiled on this tour. (Moderate walking)
Saturday 1 November: Paddington Leafy streets provide the backdrop to a tour that takes you from Glenmore Road to the edge of Rushcutters Bay. This week, both Melbourne and Sydney artists that are using the medium in very different ways showcase painting with work that references our relationship to both nature and technology. Glass takes on unexpected forms, and an artist from private collection is the focus of an exhibition. Photography also gets a look in at Sydney’s best- known commercial gallery that shows artist make work using this media. (Moderate walking)

Tours are conducted from 1pm-4pm unless otherwise stated. As these are three-hour tours, you need to be reasonably fit and aware that hills and stairs might be encountered. If this does not sound like your sort of tour, we offer chauffeured tours. For additional information, please don't hesitate to get in touch at or 0400378842. Please note that concession and discount rates are available. Concession: $25 pp. 

Watters Gallery Chris O'Doherty (aka Reg Mombassa)

Senior School Tours

Take your students beyond the usual art galleries and encounter the Agencies of the Art World first hand. Travel through the diverse landscape of the Sydney art world guided by an art professional.

Our individually tailored Senior School Tours give students an invaluable opportunity to explore a range of galleries; from commercial galleries to artist-run spaces, from public-funded contemporary art spaces to private art foundations, as well as temporary venues and special events. Students encounter and engage directly with the makers and professionals working in Sydney’s art community in the context of the larger art world, and gain new insights and experiences to better inform their own visual art studies.

Go behind the scenes of galleries, exhibitions and stockrooms, and learn about the mechanisms that drive and direct professional art practice, display, marketing and promotion from the point of view of various professionals within the field.

Hear from and interact with a range of specialists including Artists, Curators, Historians, Gallery Staff and Critics. Students are encouraged to make the most of this opportunity to express their own views and pose questions along the way.

The Senior School Tours provide a springboard to discuss and relate to the Subjective, Structural, Cultural and Post-modern Frames to exhibitions currently showing in Sydney.

Sydney Art Tours also gives students an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the processes that direct and inform an artist’s practice by showing them practical examples. This exclusive access to exhibitions and artists also enables students to gain a better grasp of the unfolding process that leads to A Body of Work; not only the means by which it is arrived at and informed by subject, concept and process, but also how this in turn can be understood in terms of style, genre, context and the artist’s career. The experience can inspire students in the development, creation and presentation of their own work. Sketchbooks and cameras are welcome on the tour.

Please note that no two tours are ever the same as each Sydney Art Tour is customised, based on the best exhibitions showing on the date of your tour. Each tour is lead by a visual arts professional who is able to offer students and teachers valuable insights, answers to questions and expert information during the tour. Our Senior School Tours can also be individually tailored to cover the specific needs or interests of the students while still reflecting the most exciting and diverse range of exhibitions available on the day. Please contact us to discuss specific requests and how we can facilitate any student activities and worksheets.

Cost: $20 per student; accompanying teachers free. Available for groups of 8 or more students, however small-scale groups are recommended. Tours take place every Thursday from 11am or by special arrangement on other weekdays.

If you think your school might be interested please email your details to us via the site form on our bookings page.iPhoneiPhoneiPhoneiPhone

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